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360                                 LIFE   OF
Halle into the new creation. Another very impor-
tant name was added to these : Niebuhr, who had
been of great influence for some years in the financial
department of the state, retired in disgust, and became
a professor at the university.
With all these, and with the means used to induce
the most eminent men in all branches of knowledge
to repair to Berlin., it became possible to open the
university with men of great, of the first eminence in
all faculties. Fichte taught philosophy; Schleier-
macher, De.Wette, and Marheinecke, theology ; juris-
prudence was taught by Savigny and Schmalz; the
medical faculty included FriedJaxider, Kohlransch.,
Hufeland, and Reil. The department of natural
sciences, of physics, and chemistry, was filled by
Klaproth, Hermstadt, Illiger, and Erman; that of
mathematics by Tralles. The historians were Niebuhr
and Ruhs; the archseologians, F. A. Wolf, Spaldlng,
Heindorf, Buttmann, and Bockh, and the comparative
philologist, Bernhardi. Hirt lectured on plastic art.
The study of old German was Introduced as an im-
portant addition, by Von der Hagen^s lectures on the
ISTibelungen Lied. These and other names were con-
tained in the first lists, published in September, 1810,,
and some were still absent, though engaged for the
university, such as Wildenow, the celebrated botanist,
and 3. Bekker, the critical grammarian.
This commencement has always been admired; but
of late years a reproact has been cast on it, which
deserves mention here, as It was in fact directed
against Humboldt, and by a man who, on other occa-
sions, speaks ohay with enthusiasm of the university.
This man is Steffens, who complains that the pro-
fessors of the new philosophies were excluded. He
says: " The most distinguished scholars were sum-
moned, and ail willingly obeyed the call. Only In
the realms of speculation confusion reigned. At first
It was intended to introduce a philosophical chaos
Into it, jwhich seems a great contrast to the subse-
quently-introduced severe school The importance